Custom Furniture – Avoiding Furniture Shopping Frustrations, Part 2

October 14th, 2011   by :  

Here is part two of last week’s blog:

  • Never Compromise – Simply put, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t settle. Always refer to your list of characteristics you desire in a furnishing (i.e. comfort, style, hardware, durability). Confer with a helpful sales representative, if available, for more information. The search may grow tiresome, even discouraging, but keep trying! You never know what will turn up. If you are truly at a dead end, check out the next tip.
  • Consider Going Custom – Certain retailers offer custom furniture. For example, Shipshewana, Indiana is home to an Amish furniture community in which custom retailers have found a niche. There, a sales assistant can check out your list, discuss possibilities of customizing a piece and getting what you need. Whether it’s offering custom options or creating a custom piece from scratch, custom furniture is a possibility for even the most inexperienced furniture enthusiast.

If you’re unsure about going custom, which can be an intimidating prospect, your best bet is to talk with a friendly sales rep who can inform you of the process, show you some previous creations and make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for! For help with stirring up ideas for potential solid wood furniture pieces, check out our Indiana Amish furniture store and view our wide selection of Amish furniture. We offer Shaker, Mission, traditional, rustic, modern and custom pieces that provide something for everyone. Shipshewana furniture has been a well-kept secret for some, but for those who’ve visited the small Amish community here, the quality of the furniture speaks for itself.