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Avoiding the Frustrations of Buying Custom Furniture

Homeowners can attest to the challenge of finding the perfect home furnishings. How do you balance the demands of comfort, durability, price and style? Should a modern piece of furniture built of man-made materials take priority over solid wood furniture? In Avoiding the Frustrations of Buying Custom Furniture, we’ll consider some simple steps to procuring the perfect furniture for your home.

Compare and Contrast Furniture Styles and Features

If you’re looking for a new item of furniture or a furniture set — such as a bedroom set — take notes on some existing furniture you like. Then, create a list of features you’re looking for. Or, better yet, create a sketch. Also, compile your list of ‘ingredients.’ For example, your list can mention Shaker-style legs or Mission furniture slats. Or it can include fluted columns, dentil trim, or mortise and tenon joints. Then, stick to the plan. And go find your furniture!

Never Compromise

Simply put, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t settle. Always refer to the list of features you desire in a piece of furniture. Also, confer with a helpful sales representative for more information. The search may grow tiresome, even discouraging. But keep trying! Because you never know what will turn up. And if you reach a dead end, check out the next tip.

Consider Going Custom

Some retailers offer custom furniture. And Brandenberry Amish Furniture in Shipshewana, Indiana, comes to mind. Because they have a team of trained sales associates you can reach via phone or e-mail. And a team member will be delighted to review your list. They’ll also show you how you can get the furniture you really want. Also, the Brandenberry sales associate might recommend that you customize an existing piece of furniture. Or, your best option might be to create a piece from scratch.

Ordering custom furniture can be intimidating. And this is especially true since so may options will be thrown at you. But no worries. Brandenberry’s friendly sales associate will explain the process. Also, they’ll show you some previous creations, and ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Website or ‘Brick and Mortar’ Store

Need help stirring up ideas for potential solid wood furniture pieces? Check out the Indiana Amish online furniture store. And view the wide selection of Amish furniture. Brandenberry’s offerings include Shaker, Mission, traditional, rustic, modern and custom pieces. Or visit Braandenberry’s ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. And discover for yourself a complete selection of Amish furniture.

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