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Rustic, Practical Beauty: Country Amish Furniture

Rustic, Practical Beauty: Country Amish Furniture

Mission style furniture was produced and popularized by Gustav Stickley. His designs captured the imaginations of the American public. Out of this grew a line of Stickley’s wicker furniture which also sold well. Country Amish furniture became a popular option for homeowners seeking something beautiful. As well as something different for their home furnishings. As a result, furniture that echoed the simple designs of the countryside.

Even though there is not a definitive country style. Amish tables, in particular, boast a wide variety of styles and designs including country. Furthermore, country style furniture can possess beautiful wood accents. Along with an elegant style. To discern what is “country” and what isn’t, spend time researching the variety of styles available. Better yet, consider visiting a local Amish furniture market. As a result, you can talk to someone knowledgeable about country Amish furniture.

Country Amish Furniture

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