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Discovering Antique Furniture

Aged Furniture

Discovering Antique Furniture

Antique furniture refers to any aged furniture piece. New furniture is referred to as “modern”. Whereas older furniture is referred to as “vintage” or “antique”.

Above all, the wealth of history and background information regarding antique furniture is vast. Therefore each piece of furniture, whether new or old, has a story. Their story may include the following questions:

  • Created where?
  • By whom?
  • What style is the furniture?
  • Who happened to purchase the furniture?

Investing in antique furniture also requires knowledge of wood upkeep. Caring for solid wood furniture, while a priority for a piece of any age, is especially important for antique furniture. Refurbishing brings a host of challenges to the antique furniture lover. Seeking out experienced wood craftsmen for sound advice and practical tips is a good idea.

As you seek the right furniture piece, appreciate that each handcrafted furnishing has a unique history.  Finding and appreciating a fine piece of furniture is a worthy investment.

Discovering Antique Furniture

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