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Old Hickory Furniture

Round Hickory Pub Table with Square Skirting

Old Hickory Furniture

Old hickory furniture, also called “rustic”, “primitive” or “cabin” furniture, features solid hickory construction and a traditional style. The popularity of old hickory furniture may be due in part to Gustav Stickley. Gustav Sticklye was a famed American craftsman who mass-produced Mission style furniture. He created a line of primitive furniture, often made of hickory, which captured the rustic style of cabin furniture.

Old Hickory Furniture
Beautiful hickory wood construction accents the Round Hickory Pub Table with Square Skirting.

Above all the hickory wood is left in its natural state to accent the rustic style of cabin furniture. Some pieces will even include bark accents, adding to the natural style. It is common to find old hickory furniture in rural settings such as cabins and lodges. Today you can find them in upscale homes as well. Browse handcrafted hickory furniture online today. As a result the versatility and beauty of its style will surprise you.

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