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Vintage Furniture: The Furniture Lover’s Quest

Vintage Furniture: The Furniture Lover’s Quest

Solid wood furniture boasts a long, rich history in America full of diverse designs, stunning styles and durable craftsmanship. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, any furnishings 30-100 years old is generally considered “vintage”, while anything older is classified as “antique” and anything newer is simply “modern”. Vintage Furniture: The Furniture Lover’s Quest, helps us find the perfect vintage furniture.

Vintage furniture is not for the faint-hearted. Only true furniture-enthusiasts interested in learning the vast history of wood furniture and excited to search through countless furniture retailers.  Hence discovering the joy of finding the perfect vintage furniture piece in the most unexpected place.

While most wood furniture retailers, especially Amish shops, will likely not stock true vintage furniture. These craftsmen can be valuable resources. As a result, they can help you discover where to find vintage pieces. Furthermore, what styles or designs to look for.

To learn more about vintage furniture or to learn more about Amish furniture and solid wood craftsmen, visit Brandenberry Amish Furniture and view our wide variety of customizable furniture~

Furniture Lover's Quest

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