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History of Solid Wood Furniture

History of Solid Wood Furniture

Throughout history, communities have built furniture from various materials. Ancient Scots used stone due to a lack of wood. In the Middle Ages, large tables were usually crafted of heavy oak. Modern furniture utilizes light-weight metals, laminated plywood, and durable plastics. Yet, solid wood furniture continues to enthrall customers because of its inherent beauty.

Solid wood furniture boasts great durability and an inherent beauty that is unequaled by artificial materials. Rustic furniture, or furniture that displays the natural qualities of its wood, is popular for the natural beauty of the wood which it allows to shine. A new branch of rustic furniture, known as “Live Edge”, utilizes salvaged or gnarly woods, working with the distinct characteristics of each piece of wood to create a one-of-a-kind furnishing.

Today, the Amish are the premier craftsmen of solid wood furniture. Often utilizing indigenous hardwoods and traditional wood-working methods, Amish craftsmen are at the front of eco-friendly craftsmanship and beautiful wood craftsmanship.


History of Solid Wood Furniture

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