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Arts and Crafts Plant Stands


From the 1-inch-thick solid hardwood top to the arched cutout bottom rails, the Arts and Crafts Plant Stands stand out for strength, style and great looks. We offer the plant stands in heights of 18, 22, 26 and 30 inches. So you’re able to select the right height to match your plant sizes and décor. Also, the top is one foot square. This means it’s large enough for even your large houseplants. What’s more, Amish cabinetmakers handcraft the Arts and Crafts Plant Stands. And they use real hardwoods, like oak and maple. So the stands are sturdy enough for your large, heavy plants. And they should last for generations to come. Now, make them yours. Simply complete the customizing fields below. Also, make sure you include your choices for wood specie, finish and more. Or call 855-768-3270.

  • Solid Hardwood Construction
  • One Inch Thick Wood Top
  • Arched Cutout Bottom Rails
  • Mission Edge
  • Available Unfinished
  • Customizable
  • Available Heights: 18, 22, 26, or 30 H
  • 12 W x 12 D
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