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What’s So Great About Amish Wood Furniture?

What’s So Great About Amish Wood Furniture?

What’s So Great About Amish Wood Furniture? Since their emigration from European soil to the hope of freedom on American soil, the Amish have maintained hardworking communities generation after generation. Of the unique contributions the Amish have made to society, perhaps the most well-known is Amish wood furniture. The Amish ethics of simplicity and integrity infuse their craftsmanship. Therefore resulting in wood furnishings that possess a unique, classic style and durable construction that promises years of faithful use.

Amish craftsmen stay true to their ethics of simplicity by hand-crafting their pieces. Though sometimes incorporating new tools and advanced techniques into the woodworking process. Often, they utilize local wood suppliers to find the best indigenous woods available. Hand-sanding, staining, dyeing and painting ensure that not only will each furniture piece be unique, but will bear the distinct mark of the craftsmen. Therefore resulting in a piece that’s one-of-a-kind.

Ultimately, the best place to find Amish wood furniture is at a local furniture market. There you can see first-hand beautifully crafted pieces as well as the wood craftsmen themselves. Woodworking demonstrations and other informal seminars are held to show interested observers how fine handcrafted furniture is made.

What's So Great About Amish Wood Furniture?

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