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Staying Beautiful: Custom Vanities and Dressing Tables

No piece of furniture screams “a fashionable woman lives here” like a vanity or dressing table in a bedroom. And if you currently own a vanity, or are planning to acquire one, you’re in good company. Because fashionable women have been using custom vanities and bedroom dressing tables for more than two centuries. So let’s talk about Staying Beautiful: Custom Vanities and Dressing Tables.

Mission Dressing Table with Fabric Bench and Custom Vanities
This Mission Dressing Table with Fabric Bench is one of the many vanities and dressing tables available from Brandenberry.

Dressing Stations for Wealthy Women

Vanities and dressing tables made their debut in France and England in the late 17th century. In fact, these tables were initially used to store cosmetic items. And well-to-do women wrapped cosmetics in small towels, which they stored in the vanities. Some dressing tables in Europe were called “toilet tables,” because they had a hand washbasin. (Indoor plumbing did not exist back then.) Also, people added stools, so maids could help style the hair of ladies of the house.

What’s more, rich folks ordered their vanities and dressing tables in ornate designs. And these designs are replicated in today’s vanities.

Chippendale, Queen Anne, and More

Cabinetmakers in the United States built dressing tables with simpler designs than their European counterparts. The Chippendale style was one of the most popular. And Queen Anne wasn’t very far behind. By the latter part of the 19th Century, the dressing table became a matching part of the bedroom suite. Hollywood films of the 1920s and ‘30s popularized dressing tables and vanities as a natural item of furniture for every glamorous woman.

Staying Beautiful: Custom Vanities and Dressing Tables

Today, discriminating women have lots of options for vanities and dressing tables. But furniture lovers looking for great design, solid hardwood construction, beauty, and durability turn to Brandenberry Amish Furniture. In fact, Brandenbery offers a wide variety of wood vanities and dressing tables. They include Queen Anne, Shaker, and Mission styles. With fixed, tilt and tri-view mirrors. And, of course, padded stools.

Brandenberry: Where Beauty is More than Skin Deep

You’ve heard the axiom, beauty is only skin deep. The Amish men who build Brandenberry’s vanities and dressing tables prove that saying wrong. Sure, they give every unit a beautiful exterior. With intricately carved woodwork, rich finishes and eye-catching hardware.

But the bedroom vanity or dressing table you order from Brandenberry is beautiful to the core. Because the craftsmen build each piece from solid hardwoods. Like oak, cherry, maple, and hickory. And they use traditional woodworking methods. Like drawers with dovetail joints. And no bargain substitutes like particle board anywhere. So the vanity you choose should, with proper care, last for generations to come.

Visit Brandenberry Online or in Person

You can explore an impressive collection of solid wood, Amish-made vanities, and dressing tables online at Brandenberry Amish Furniture. Or, check out Brandenberry furniture in person by visiting their ‘brick and mortar’ Shipshewana, Indiana store.

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