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Jewelry Armoire: Stylish Way to Keep Jewelry Organized

One of the challenges of having lots of jewelry is keeping all your treasured pieces organized. Right after putting on your outfit, you want to reach for the right accessories. You don’t want your necklace tangled or your earrings misplaced. So what’s the best solution? A Jewelry Armoire: Stylish Way to Keep Jewelry Organized. Brandenberry Amish Furniture offers a plethora of solid hardwood, custom-made Bedroom Jewelry Armoires.

Jewelry Armoire: Stylish Way to Keep Jewelry Organized

Jewelry armoires from Brandenberry are perfect for storing your jewelry and other personal items. That’s because they have the timeless beauty, sophisticated features and custom options that befit your fine jewelry and upscale bedroom.

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The Winged Mill Shaker Jewelry Armoire from Brandenberry is one of the many stylish ways to keep your jewelry organized.

The armoires come in three versions: table-top armoires, floor armoires, and armoires integrated into dressing tables. If you have lots of jewelry, including an assortment of costume jewelry, you may find one of the floor armoire most desirable.

Yet, no matter which unit you choose, you’ll still be able to enjoy a number of user-friendly features. They include a mirror, plus velvet-lined drawers and wings. You’ll also find slots for holding rings and bracelets. In addition, the armoire features wooden dividers for keeping loose jewelry or sachets containing your earrings and other precious jewelry.

What’s more, the drawers open to full extension. So you need not fear losing items at the back of a drawer. Also, the side wings have hooks to keep your necklaces organized. Worried about your most prized items? Some armoires have an optional hidden drawer.

Amish-crafted for Beauty, Practicality, and Strength

Skilled Amish artisans custom-craft each jewelry armoire. The Amish builders use solid hardwoods like oak, cherry, and maple plus other quality components. As a result, the jewelry armoire you choose will be incredibly sturdy and durable. It is a stylish and beautiful bedroom accessory. A piece of furniture that you’d love to pass on to the next generation.

Visit Online or in Person

To view Brandenberry’s impressive collection of Bedroom Jewelry Armoires, visit Brandenberry Furniture’s online store. Or stop in at their ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. And check out their jewelry armoires for yourself.

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