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What is So Special About Amish Furniture?

Furniture is a considerable investment and should be taken very seriously. Between the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, you could be spending thousands of dollars on furniture. It is essential to make sure you are investing that money into something high-quality, long-lasting, and, of course, beautiful. Amish furniture is one of the most high-quality types of furniture on the market. With its solid wood construction and simple lines, its beauty is endless. So what makes Amish furniture so unique?

History of Amish Furniture

Amish furniture gained popularity in the early 1900s. Its simple lines and curves contrast with the swirling, ornate designs of the Victorian era. This simplicity, and its solid wood construction, reflected the American values of hard work and longevity. The Amish began making furniture first out of necessity. Most Amish sects have little interaction with the outside world, so furniture building became a necessary skill. Since the Amish shared their hand-crafted furniture with the world in the early 1900s, people have been buying it.

Styles of Amish Furniture

There are several styles of Amish furniture, with the two most common being the Shaker and Mission styles. The Shaker-style furniture features clean lines and soft, tapered legs and arms. These pieces are minimalistic, even by Amish furniture standards, and can fit seamlessly into every decor style. Conversely, mission-style furniture tends to be heavier in appearance, emphasizing straight lines and parallel slats. Both styles are equally beautiful and can make any room in your home feel and look elegant!

What Makes it Special?

Amish furniture is special and unique for a variety of reasons. We want to point out four of those reasons in this article.

Heirloom Quality Build

Heirlooms can strengthen family ties and deepen a family’s bond. Amish furniture is hand-crafted by artisan Amish craftsmen using the finest solid wood. Most Amish furniture is made of oak, maple, walnut, pine, quarter-sawn white oak, cherry, or hickory. These woods allow the furniture to last more than a lifetime.

Most modern furniture is held together by screws, staples, and nails, which have a habit of wearing away with time. The Amish use special wood joinery techniques and glue to hold together their furniture pieces which makes them sturdier and longer-lasting. Just think how special it would be to pass down a beautiful oak dresser to your children and their children.

Timeless Design

With its simplicity, Amish furniture never goes out of style. The straight lines and lack of ornamentation make Amish furniture a staple in many households. The beauty of solid wood is never a fad. Additionally, many Amish furniture makers can make custom designs to fit your needs and desires.

Environmentally Friendly

Most “wood” furniture today is made using cheap alternatives and substitutes. Over time, these wood substitutes can leak hazardous chemicals into your environment. Additionally, they can wear down and become unsafe to use. Amish furniture is made of solid wood, which is durable and long-lasting. The Amish avoid electric tools, choosing air and water-powered tools instead. These tools are more environmentally friendly than typical power tools and allow these craftsmen to create beautiful, custom designs.


Have you ever been in a furniture store and not found a single piece you like? Luckily, there are Amish woodworkers that can help you create custom designs, including style, wood, and hardware.

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