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Don’t Have a Truck? Brandenberry’s Shipping Policy

So you’ve ordered your fabulous solid hardwood, Amish-crafted furniture from Brandenberry Amish Furniture. How do your treasured pieces arrive at your house? Of course, you can pick everything up at Brandenberry’s ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. You would potentially save some money on shipping costs. Or, you can arrange for Brandenberry to ship your furniture to you. Don’t Have a Truck? Brandenberry’s Shipping Policy explains your options.

Brandenberry Shipping Policy

Don’t Have a Truck? Brandenberry’s Shipping Policy

After your new furniture order is finished, packaging and shipping take about three weeks. Your shipping charges depend on three components. They are the size of your furniture order, the number of miles to the delivery destination and the type of delivery service you choose. Also, your options include curbside or in-home delivery with setup.

Curbside Delivery

Via Common Carrier. Do you live outside of Brandenberry’s 200-mile delivery radius? Then the company will ship your furniture via common carriers, such as Yellow Freight or Roadway. Once the furniture arrives at the carrier’s destination terminal closest to you, a PackShipUSA representative will call you to schedule the delivery.

Your furniture will arrive by truck. However, you, or someone you designate, must be present to assist the delivery driver with unloading. Also, curbside delivery means just that. You’re responsible to transfer the furniture to the inside of your home. So this is where being on good terms with your bodybuilding neighbor comes in handy.

Via Brandenberry Furniture Delivery Team. Do you live within a 200-mile radius of Brandenberry? In this case, the company’s in-house delivery team will take your furniture to your house. As with common carrier deliveries, the Brandenberry driver will call you to schedule a delivery time. You must be present. Or you must have someone present to assist the driver with unloading. Is your new furniture large and bulky? Then, you may need to recruit several helpers. (And have pizza ready.)

Curbside Delivery Plus In-Home Setup

Via Common Carrier. With Curbside Delivery Plus In-Home Setup, the shipment via common carrier is the same as Curbside Delivery described above. However, in this case, the driver plus an assistant make the delivery. Also, the two men will carry your furniture to the room(s) you requested. In addition, they will set up your furniture as needed.

The delivery time for Curbside Delivery with In Home Setup is 14-21 business days. This delivery method is more expensive than Curbside Delivery.

Via Brandenberry Furniture Delivery Team. This delivery method is similar to the Brandenberry Delivery Team process discussed above. However, at least two people make the delivery. The delivery team carries the furniture to the requested room(s) and does the setup.

More Shipping Information Available Online

For more information on Brandenberry’s Shipping Policy, and to view Brandenberry’s full collection of solid hardwood, Amish-crafted custom furniture, visit Brandenberry Furniture’s online store, or check out the furniture in person by visiting their ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana.

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