Amish-built for life,

Custom-crafted for your lifestyle.


Amish Books & Puzzles

Don’t miss this great catch from Brandenberry Amish Furniture! Because Amish Baffling Bass Puzzles provide oceans of fun for the whole family. As well as guests, too. Just take the puzzles apart, and try reassembling them. And that is the fun of Brandenberry’s custom and unique puzzle collection!


Amish Books & Puzzles by Brandenberry Amish Furniture

Skilled Amish artisans painstakingly handcraft each of the Baffling Bass Puzzles. And the Amish men use solid cherry, walnut, or ash wood. This makes the unique piece sturdy, child friendly, and absolutely captivating.

These unique pieces represent a few of the plethora of solid hardwood, custom-built, Amish-crafted furniture offered by Brandenberry Amish Furniture. So check out everything else we have to offer. Because Brandenberry furniture is Amish-built for life. And custom-crafted for your lifestyle.