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TV Cabinets and TV Stands

Looking for TV Cabinets and TV Stands that are well built, eye-catching, and have the potential for long service life? You have come to the right place. Because the units below from Brandenberry Amish Furniture are Amish-crafted from solid hardwood for incredible strength, great looks, and dependable service.


TV Cabinets and TV Stands by Brandenberry Amish Furniture

The plethora of television units and contemporary television units in the collection above represents a wide variety of sizes, features, and options. For example, you can choose a smaller unit with two doors (such as the Classic Two-Door LCD unit). Or, you could go for a large unit with multiple doors and drawers and include slide-out media shelves (like the Mission Large TV unit with Towers). And there is a myriad of choices in between.

Special features and options abound. For example, some of our television units include holes in the back for running hookups and power cables. Others have an attached power strip for easier power hookups. You can also request panel doors. Or, we provide different types of glass, including glass doors with mullion.

Skilled Amish cabinetmakers custom-build each unit. And they use solid hardwoods. Such as oak, maple, and cherry. So our television units are very well built. So sturdy that with proper care, they should last for generations to come.