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Cypress Patio Furniture

Several features make cypress a great choice for patio furniture. Natural oils in the wood make it extremely water-resistant. So, your cypress outdoor pieces should last a very long time. Cypress is also very stable. This means it won’t cup, twist or bow. What’s more, the wood is lightweight, yet sturdy. Making it ideal for patio furniture. In addition, cypress accepts stains nicely. Or, it can be left unstained, in which case, it ages to a nice silvery gray. So, check out the pieces below. Or, visit our ‘brick-and-mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. And see the Amish-made cypress items for yourself.


Cypress Patio Furniture from Brandenberry

The pieces of cypress outdoor furniture above are just part of the lineup of outdoor furniture available from Brandenberry. Because we offer a full lineup of outdoor furniture. Including cedar and poly lumber furniture. What’s more, you can get furniture for every room in your house. So browse this website. And discover our wide assortment of Amish furniture, handcrafted for your home.