Amish-built for life,

Custom-crafted for your lifestyle.


Recliners and Rocker Recliners

Skilled Amish cabinetmakers custom-build every piece in this lineup of recliners and rocker recliners. So they are unrivaled in ruggedness. Sit. Relax. Recline. And you will be taken back to a world of simple comfort and relaxation. Just like the hard-working Amish experience after a busy day.


Recliners and Rocker Recliners by Brandenberry Amish Furniture

Brandeberry Amish Furniture presents a unique collection of Amish-built and inspired sitting furniture. They are reminiscent of an era past. And our collection of unique furniture pieces gives you the comfort and relaxation you have come to expect in a modern recliner.

But they go a step further. Because Amish artisans custom-build each product. So they are rugged. And they utilize plush fabrics. As a result, your family and guests will revel in unrivaled comfort. Plus the eye-catching pieces make great conversation starters. Because they serve as a throwback to simpler, more wholesome times.

So enjoy the search. And relish your new Amish unit from Brandenberry Amish Furniture.