Amish-built for life,

Custom-crafted for your lifestyle.


Chest of Drawers

Presenting a huge lineup of Amish custom-built, solid hardwood chests of drawers from Brandenberry Amish Furniture. You can choose from traditional or modern designs. And each piece represents the beauty, strength, and durability of solid hardwood custom construction.


Amish Chest of Drawers by Brandenberry

Within our Chests of Drawers Collection, you’ll find traditional styles — such as Mission, Shaker, French Country, and Queen Anne. We as offer modern designs. Like Carlton, Wellington, Batavia, and Hampton. Some pieces have a rustic look. While others are more avant-garde. So you’re certain to find the chest of drawers that’s perfect for your home.

Chests of drawers from Brandenberry Amish Furniture are superior to most pieces you’ll find in big box stores and chain furniture stores. That’s because Amish cabinetmakers build each of our chest of drawers. And they use solid hardwoods. So you will not find particle board, veneered cardboard, or other bargain substitutes in our products.

Also, you can order the unit you desire as shown. Or we can customize it to fit your specs. Because chests of drawers and other fine furniture from Brandenberry are Amish-built for life and custom-crafted for your lifestyle.