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Cutting Boards

Shall it be a wood or Corian cutting unit? As you can see from the impressive collection below, we have a wide variety of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to choose from. And they are from Brandenberry Amish Furniture – renowned for top-quality, Amish custom-made furniture and home accessories.


Cutting Boards by Brandenberry Amish Furniture

The variety of unique, one-of-a-kind units above gives you lots of options for your kitchen. First, you might wish to decide on wood versus Corian for your unit.

Wood or Corian? Wood units are considered the old standby. Cooks love them because of their beautiful, ‘natural’ look. And this is especially true when the units have several colors of wood. Because they are completely non-porous, Corian units are more resistant to bacteria than many other units. So, the potential for cross-contamination — say, from meat to vegetables – is less.

Single board or set? Notice that you can choose from several individual units. Or, you may wish to go for the Cutting Board Set with Display. And this unit features five wooden boards in a table-top display. Also, as its name suggests, the Large Corian Sink Cutting Board fits over your sink.